Jasmin's Summer Wish

Meet The Characters

char_jasminWhen summer comes around, Jasmin is the adventurous and rambunctious leader of the pack. No matter how hot it gets, Jasmin will find something fun and mischievous for her and her friends to do.


char_kamiKami loves exploring the hot and sweltering city with her close friend, Jasmin, but when she goes to sleep at night, she dreams about winter, sledding down big sloping hills in Prospect Park, and warming up with hot chocolate.


char_chadChad is the calm and easy-going friend who loves to watch and play games, especially basketball. His ever-adventurous neighbor, Jasmin, will almost always rope him into excursions that might get them into trouble.


char_sandeepSandeep – “Sonny” –  is the quiet and shy younger brother of Jasmin, who wears his heart on his sleeve. He looks up to his sister and her friends and follows them around wherever they go.


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